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“I chose Masks r us for myself and colleagues to wear in our clinics due to their unparalleled quality, comfort and protection they provide”

Dr Michael Rigby, Consultant Cardiologist at Royal Brompton Hospital.

With every mask we sell 35 pence is donated to the Brompton Fountain at NHS Royal Brompton hospital who work tirelessly to provide essential equipment to care for pediatric intensive care patients.
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Changes in the way we live and go about our every day lives has changed rapidly over the past few months. Even with shops opening, people returning to work, children to schools and travel resuming, the new normal means we need to continue social distancing and taking care of not only our own but also our families well-being. Wearing a face mask is one of the ways we can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, and while wearing a face mask is now becoming part of our daily routine, who’s not to say they can’t be fashionable as well?

Our range of carefully selected face masks provide you with the opportunity to pick a style that not only suits your mood, but your favorite sporting team and even what you’ve chosen to wear for the day. With so many variations in the market it makes sense to choose a quality face mask – our masks have been quality controlled and tested by Bureau Veritas  and we’re proud to say we have achieved a  Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) Certified at 99.4%, the test method used is an international standard  –  ASTM F 2101-19/BSEN 14683:2019

Why not take a look for yourself and no need to stop at one. Our great range gives you the ability to deck out your wardrobe and give yourself peace of mind knowing your doing your best to stay safe. And while your smile might be hidden underneath your mask it doesn’t mean you style has to be too

Stuff you need to know – product information
Our face masks are double the thickness of most other face masks – giving you an additional layer of protection. The quality of our fabric is top notch and BFE certified. The outer layer of our face masks are made up of 95% polyester and 5% spandex 320 grams interlocked per square metre. The inner layer is 95% virgin cotton, 5% spandex using a breathable cotton yarn and at 180 grams per square metre is thicker and offering more coverage than most other masks.
Stay safe and do your bit for the environment
It is becomingly increasingly more popular for people to use disposable face masks and like plastic in our oceans and waterways, these disposable face masks are starting to clutter up our streets and gutters. A new environmental health hazard we don’t need on top of everything else we have to worry about. Do your bit to protect yourself and our environment by using our environmentally friendly face masks. By following our simple care instructions you can get regular use from your face mask and if you have more than one you can choose the face mask that suits you best while your other masks are getting washed.