Personal Protective Equipment for businesses in Newcastle

No matter your area of work, chances are you’ll need some form of personal protective equipment at some time. are safety equipment suppliers for Newcastle, with full protective wear ranging from steel toe capped boots to disposable gloves.

Qualified Microbiologist and Biochemist Antony Arulanandam founded after realising that the market was flooded with face masks that offered little to no protection.

One of his principal concerns was that none of the so-called reusable masks were able to withstand the high temperature washing (92°C+) required to kill Covid-19, nor were they officially certified to a level of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) that would effectively stop the spread of the

Antony has been featured in the media, sharing his advice on what to look out for and what to consider when purchasing a face mask. If you have any questions, email Antony and the team.

PPE clothing and gear comes in all forms, and ensuring you have the right PPE for the job is vital for a safe workplace. Ensuring your protective clothing and equipment are of a suitable standard for your industrial needs is crucial, so that they will help protect you and your workers in the event of an accident. PPE requirements vary from place to place, so to ensure your business complies to all UK OSHA regulations, feel free to call drop in to our store for a chat.

PPE protection needs to be sturdy enough to protect the wearer from a variety of industrial hazards, such as chemical spills, falls or accidents in low light. As supplier of protective clothing and equipment across Newcastle, ensure our products, including work pants, high visibility jackets and work boots, are compliant with relevant legal requirements.


We offer a wide selection of industrial workwear for purchase from PPE suppliers, much of which can be personalised so that your business is seen throughout construction sites, laboratories or anywhere else personal protective clothing is required. If you are looking for personalisation options for your protective clothing, please get in touch and we will be happy to chat through options